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Our unique three-stage cyber forensic and data-driven methodology helps companies, banks and law practices to uncover target information and illicit financial flows, finding assets faster and leading to unparalleled recovery or settlement.

Cyber Forensics

Our AI-enabled market-leading technology constantly searches, in over 150 languages, millions of pieces of data arriving daily from corporate and trade volume records to social media. We join the dots. We find the links identifying assets, people, risk and opportunities.

Global Search

Multilingual searches of all available global records including corporate registries, property records, sanctions and debarments, credit checks, shareholder registries and much more, led by an industry-leading expert.

Negotiating Power

As asset tracing experts we are witnesses in proceedings and can provide expert witness statements if required.  Our experts provide statistically significant strategic communications, marketing and consumer data and a plan to optimise a swift and satisfactory settlement.

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