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We are proud to be a leading specialist financial and corporate crime global asset-tracing and due diligence firm - it’s all we do.  Specific, tailored, timely information and advice to help achieve your outcomes.

What is Financial investigation and how can it help?  

Do you need to find assets?  Are you the victim of a complex global financial crime or wrongdoing?  Or perhaps seeking hidden assets in a divorce case?  You may be a sovereign state trying to identify stolen assets from kleptocracy.

We work to identify exactly where the assets are and the full ownership structure, attributing them to the person or company you are pursuing, so you can make a claim.  You may want to have the full picture so you can adopt a strategic approach, taking assets from jurisdictions that are more likely to recognise your claim, or alternatively, use your information to negotiate a settlement.

We use professionals who are former Scotland Yard, NCA or FBI accredited financial investigators. They search across the globe to trace the assets hidden by internationally organised criminals or those engaged in grand corruption and they know exactly where to look. Our financial investigators work with forensic accountants and former intelligence professionals from government, the military and the commercial world; working collaboratively they can find critical strands of information held by offshore companies or similar. They leave no stone unturned.

You can use a business intelligence company, but you may end up paying twice as much and find them unlikely to adopt the strict evidential approach that we use.  They are unlikely to uncover that critical piece of evidence and, where necessary, give evidence in court or act as an independent expert. They are unlikely to find all the hidden assets. 


global asset tracing

Global asset tracing

With over 210 years’ collective experience of tracing assets to...

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crypto investigations

Crypto investigation

We have equipped our highly experienced financial investigators with...

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private prosecutions

Private prosecutions 

We work with one of the leading litigation funders and...

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compliance and due diligence

Compliance and due diligence

Our business-first approach enables you to navigate...

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building skyscraper

Corporate or complex investigations 

Approaching the investigation with litigation foremost in...

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environmental and social governance

Environmental and social governance

We help corporates add value and grow through their Environmental...

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investigations and proceeds of crime cases

Investigations and proceeds of crime cases

We use the best: former Scotland Yard, FBI, intelligence professionals and...

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We understand the importance of technology. We invest a significant...

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We relish opportunities to share our knowledge and skills. We train people...

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asset tracing, family, divorce and separations

Asset tracing, family, divorce and separation

We help our clients through difficult times during divorce and financial...

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