Investigations and proceeds of crime cases

We use the best: former Scotland Yard, FBI, intelligence professionals and military personnel conduct our investigations.  Our financial investigators have led some of the most complex global investigations ever conducted.  We act as officer-in-the-case for private prosecutions, carefully handling everything from disclosure to witness interviews.  Our blend of cyber forensics and investigation has, for example, pinpointed in real time a building in the Far East from which a fraudster was running a global operation.  Our cases often involve multi-million-dollar losses in which we solve and identify the assets, including those that are realisable, and help deliver a successful outcome.

We are employed as expert witnesses in Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) cases, using our in-house forensic accountant we can review the case, exhibits and confiscation statement and provide an assessment which can be used in court.  We will provide you with all you need for the S.17 statement.


Clients are recognising, particularly in proceeds of crimes cases, the need to use investigators with experience stretching back to the very start of financial investigations by law enforcement.  Intelligent Sanctuary former financial investigators reviewed a multi-million-pound criminal benefit claim.  Reviewing thousands of transactions, we identified where benefit had been overcalculated. The S.17 statement reflected the challenge to the Crown’s position, ultimately leading to a one third reduction in the confiscation order. 

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