Global asset tracing 

With over 210 years’ collective experience of tracing assets to almost every part of the globe we know where to look.  Our data-driven technology approach, led by experienced former law-enforcement financial investigators, provides a best-in-class service. We help you determine if there are realisable assets to proceed against - especially important if you are embarking on costly litigation.  Our partnership with a major litigation funder means your case may be eligible for funding. We prepare our cases court-ready and can provide evidence in legal proceedings to help you win your case.


On behalf of a Sovereign State, led a global asset-tracing exercise in preparation for a freezing order. Identified physical high-value chattels, properties, yacht and homes. Revealed the complex global financial structure used to hide illicit money moving through international financial centres. Identified ultimate beneficial ownership of hidden companies and nearly £1bn in total assets.  

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