Environmental and social governance

We help corporates add value and grow through their Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) assessment.  Our contribution can range from proactively investigating, identifying and providing a solution to third parties, or those in the supply chain that may not meet the high standards you set. From identifying human trafficking, to finding illegal artisanal mining in a national park and area of conservation, we have helped ensure our clients’ values and corporate integrity are preserved.  Governance and anti-corruption experts from the legal and corporate sector will ensure all your internal measures meet the high standard you set and a bold and committed ESG statement can be presented in your annual report.  Equity returns are proven to grow from a positive ESG proposition.


Our client, an international energy provider, had concerns about the supply chain and lack of governance regarding the sourcing of raw materials.  We reviewed the supply chain, identified the weaknesses and corroborated the clients concerns with evidence.  A full review meant a change in terms with our client’s suppliers and a revised ESG, prepared and disclosed to the market in their annual report, has been positively received by the board and shareholders.

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