Corporate or complex investigations 

Approaching the investigation with litigation foremost in our minds we ensure thorough records are maintained; secure data rooms with the ability to ensure the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is employed. E-discovery is used and disclosure or discovery responsibilities robustly followed. A strategic approach to evidence gathering with oversight from a former Senior Investigating Officer, experienced in leading the most challenging and complex economic crimes, ensures a client-focussed and cost-effective approach is adopted throughout. Our partnership with a major litigation funder means your case may be eligible for funding. Our financial investigators and forensic accountant will carefully assemble thousands of strands of evidence, evidentially show the financial flows and present the compelling evidence trial-ready to help win your case.


On behalf of a multinational company, we investigated frauds and thefts committed by their CFO.  Eight years of digital data including emails, contracts, financial transactions and other e-data forensically preserved. OCR used on files, e-discovery tool and case management systems employed. Over 1 million files reviewed in under four weeks. Significant lines of inquiry identified along with evidence of the fraud and location of assets. All used in proceedings including the application for a Norwich Pharmacal order and execution and subsequent charging orders.

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