Jonathan Benton - Founder and director

A former senior detective, Jonathan led the UK’s response to tackling grand corruption and asset tracing.  He advised no. 10 Downing Street through to leading the global asset tracing response following the Arab Spring.   Jonathan’s determination to seek out innovation has led to his clients', ranging from global law firms to international banks, accessing critical data for favourable solutions. Jonathan continues to advise governments and international organisations on how to tackle financial crime and corruption.

Ian Baharie - Founder and senior advisor

34 years in the British Foreign Service, and most recently in strategic advice to international political campaigns. Ian is an expert in Middle Eastern and African affairs and a fluent Arabic speaker. 

+ Carolyne Lamptey - Barrister and senior advisor

Called to the bar of England & Wales in 2000, extensive international experience prosecuting proceeds of crime matters. Carolyne is a leading mind within the field.

+ Confidential financial investigator

32 years experience, New Scotland Yard. Highly specialist nationally qualified financial investigator and asset tracer. Led international complex cases and recovered millions of pounds in assets. 

+ Confidential financial investigator

20 years at the FBI in asset tracing, having led some of the most complex global proceeds of crime investigations.

George Simpson - Senior advisor

Nearly 40 years experience, SOCA, New Scotland Yard and the Financial Conduct Authority. George is an authority across the financial industry.

Peter Borecki - Commercial litigator and senior advisor

Peter has a long history in complex litigation and debt recovery across multiple jurisdictions. Working to claw-back fraudulent transactions as well as the criminal asset forfeiture area. Peter is an Asia Pacific specialist.

+ Cyber forensic specialist

Former military, cyber analyst. Expert across multiple counter terrorism, data derivative and corporate intelligence platforms.  

+ Cyber forensic specialist

Infrastructure and peripheral information specialist. Nearly a decade working to secure systemic vulnerabilities and trace those seek to exploit them.

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