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George Simpson

Head of Financial Investigation

George is a highly experienced professional with specialist knowledge and proven experience across a broad range of financial crime settings in law enforcement and regulation, including New Scotland Yard, precursor agencies of the National Crime Agency and latterly the Financial Conduct Authority.  His expertise includes the investigation and successful prosecution of ground-breaking serious and complex fraud and money laundering cases, and extensive knowledge of the UK’s regulatory financial crime and intelligence frameworks.

Jonathan Benton

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Partner & Founder Prevail Intelligent Sanctuary (partnership)

A former senior detective with 27 years’ experience, Jonathan led the UK’s response to tackling grand corruption and asset tracing.  A former adviser to No. 10 Downing Street and the Cabinet Office. Jonathan led the global asset tracing response following the Arab Spring. Jonathan is an authority in anti-corruption, anti-bribery, AML and asset recovery, with a proven track record of success in these fields.  Jonathan’s determination to seek out innovation has enabled  his clients, ranging from global law firms to international banks, to access critical data for favourable solutions. Jonathan holds an LL.B (Hons) and an MA in Governance and Anti-corruption, and continues to advise governments and international organisations on how to tackle financial crime and corruption.

Carolyne Lamptey

Barrister and Senior Advisor

Called to the bar of England & Wales in 2000, Carolyne has extensive international experience of prosecuting proceeds of crime matters including mentoring senior prosecutors and the judiciary. Carolyne prosecuted proceeds of crime cases at the Crown Prosecution Service  and is a leading mind in the field.

Daryn Liddle

Partner & Founder Prevail Intelligent Sanctuary (partnership)

Director, Prevail Insight

 Daryn served for 11 years as a British Army Intelligence Officer. He has worked on discreet multi-agency operations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as conventional campaign operations in Afghanistan. He brings expertise in leading Counter-Intelligence and Counter-Terrorist Targeting teams as well as building bespoke intelligence cells. He has recent commercial experience in synthesising the latest technological capabilities in both overt and covert environments to deliver unique insight to senior decision makers and their organisations. 

Damian Huntingford OBE

Partner & Founder Prevail Intelligent Sanctuary (partnership)

CEO Prevail

Damian retired from the Royal Marines and Specialist Military Units in 2018 after a 20-year career. He brings direct experience of leading combat operations and orchestrating intelligence development activity in support of national objectives. He is particularly skilled in identifying talent, building effective teams and designing campaign frameworks. For his exemplary command of a Specialist Military Unit engaged on multiple missions Damian was awarded an OBE. 

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